Top Ten Websites for Online Switch Activities

a text blockCharlene Cullen, one of the leading speech pathologists at the Australian company Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies recently released webinar highlighting the top site for online switch activities.

Switch activities can be educational and enhance learning as well as being enjoyable and fun. The websites Cullen sourced include a wide range of regular websites which can be easily enjoyed using switch technology and her top ten list included many recognisable names as well as some which are new to use.

The Top Ten Websites for Switch Activities

Here are the top ten websites recommended by Charlene Cullen and Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies:

  1. Lego Bricks & More

  2. Owlie Boo

  3. CBeebies

  4. Papunet

  5. SEN Switcher by Northern Grid for Learning

  6. Priory Woods School Switch

  7. Specialbites

  8. Shiny Learning

  9. HelpKidzLearn

  10. Ginger Tiger

Each of the above links leads to a post dedicated to the activity website with a review of what’s available and some of the games it offers.

All these sites have a range of games which can be accessed by a wide range of different switches. Cullen’s webinar also takes a closer look at some of the other factors which may influences the games that can be played and the activities that can be enjoyed but as a rule these websites all offer games which can be enjoyed with different types of switch, although the user may need a varying range of movement and dexterity for some.

The growing range of games and educational apps which have switch functionality is a positive development and is another step closer to a more inclusive world.

Preparing for Switch Activities

Before hooking up any switch to any computer there are a range of considerations to keep in mind. Successful switch implementation and use is highly dependent on how the user is going to access the switch and how they are going to use it. The positioning of the switch itself as well as the position of the user is important, as is the way the switch may be used and the type of switch in question. Our handy switch guide is a useful resource for understanding the different types of switch on the market. The way the switch is mounted will also have an effect on the way it will be accessed and it is important to ensure it is setup for the user in the right way, to allow the best possible access.

The other main component which needs to be considered is the switch interface. Most switches cannot be plugged straight into a computer or tablet and therefore the right type of interface needs to be selected. There are many different switch interfaces, both wireless and wired versions and some of them run on different operating systems. In all likelihood if you’re looking for a range of different switch activities you probably have your switches and interface ready so all you need to do is get going.

Below is an extract of Charlene Cullen’s webinar, available as a preview of the longer event:

Check out our links above, taking a closer look at each of the sites in the list.

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