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A Switch safely mounted onto a Trabasack Curve

Switch mounting is important for many people to be able to access assistive technology, gaming, art, environmental controls and communication devices.

Switches are an indispensible and integral part of the lives of many children and adults with disabilities. A switch is basically an assistive technology device which allows a series of complex commands to be achieves with a single push or click. It replaces the need for a standard keyboard or mouse when using computing equipment and helps those who would otherwise be unable to use access this technology at all.

There are many reasons you may need or choose to use a switch and some of the most common uses include:

Gaming – there is a huge community out there who uses their switches for video gaming, online competitions and such like. From RPG to sports, there are hundreds of different games out there that can be accessed with the right switch.

Art – with a properly designed switch system, users can comfortably and competently produce works of art, using a single switch.

Education – this is possibly the most popular reason for using a switch. Commonplace in classrooms with pupils with additional needs, switches can be used to access other assistive technologies and basic computer controls such as keyboards.

Switches come in a huge range of types and sizes and many of them need to be mounted to be able to be used effectively. With Trabasack, you can safely mount your switch onto the bag’s tray surface no trouble and there are further products in production which will make this process even easier and more accessible.

A Trabasack Curve Connect being used as a switch mount

With your Trabasack you can simply use the innovative “Connect” surface to attach your switch to the tray surface with no trouble and no chance of dislodging. As pictured, the Trabasack is perfectly designed to fit the contours of your body so once your switch is mounted you can access it easily without any trouble, strain or discomfort.

Trabasack is the ideal mount for your switch and switchmounting.com is a platform on which we will post further updates, news and information regarding the Trabasack and its role as a switch mount and other assistive technology, switch mounting and switch related news.

This blog will also be where we launch our new switch mounting accessory: “The Monti”!

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