Specialbites Online Switch Activities

Specialbites Online Switch ActivitiesSpecialbites is a constantly developing website which is home to a wide range of inclusive online switch activities and games. They are all designed to be educational and fun. They began by offering games to download for switch users. Now they also offer online switch activities and iPad apps. They were designed with the inclusive classroom in mind but can be used by anybody in any environment.


Introduction to Specialbites Online Switch Activities

Specialbites is dedicated to ensuring as many resources as possible are inclusive. They offer a wide range of tutorials so teachers and parents can work to make the internet accessible to all. Their range of tutorials has a wide number of features including how to turn any YouTube video into a switch accessible application through Specialbites, as shown below:

This feature is especially useful for adult switch users. Many switch games are cartoon based or child-focused which isn’t always what an older user is looking for. Specialbites is classroom-focused but the development and application of their technology appeals to a wider audience.

Key Features

Specialbites has been designed to offer something for switch users and those who use touch screens. Many of their games are important for the learning of early mouse skills and there is even the scope for users to create their own accessible, age appropriate games, thanks to the tutorials available.

The range of games available is split into a number of categories:

Angry Pigs Switch Accessible Online Activities

Angry Pigs Switch Game

There are also free videos with fun, musical and talent show video options. Many of the games are designed with a range of complexities so users can test and develop their skills. Angry Pig games for example have a fun, familiar theme and there are four different levels with growing complexity, all of which can be accessed using a single press switch and all of which teach the basics of cause and effect. This is just one of the many games in the huge Specialbites range. There are 11 different sets of online, non-download games as well as four different categories of iPad switch app and five sets of downloadable games.


There is a paid element to Specialbites and when you join there are a range of subscription options. Each payment is a one off annual subscription and is no more than $50 (with this price bracket for a whole school). Many of the accessible games and downloads are great without paying but there is even more available if you do choose to pay. The cheapest subscriptions option for a single user is just $6.


Specialbites takes accessibility and inclusive technology beyond most other sites. As well as their innovative range of online switch activities, it also adds further functionality to other sites such as YouTube. It is accessible through a range of devices, including those with touchscreens and can be customised and personalised with a little work.

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Cause and Effect Switch Accessible iPad Apps

Further to our above post, we have taken the time to find some exciting and fun cause and effect iPad apps that can be accessed using a switch or can be played via touch screen.

Sights and Sounds Series

The Sights and Sounds Series of iPad apps have been especially created to allow switch users of all ages to learn more about cause and effect. There are several apps available in the series, each one with a different theme. These simple yet fun apps provide bright graphics along with clear animation and high quality sound, and the range of themes available allow you to pick an app that will appeal specifically to your child’s interests. The apps also feature a number of switch modes that include press and hold and latching, so you can choose a mode your child feels comfortable with.

Icon for the Sights and Sounds Fireworks app shows a Manhattan-style skyline at night, with fireworks in the sky


Sights and Sounds: Fireworks – Brightly coloured fireworks fill the night sky above a cityscape, with complimentary sound effects which can be set to random, or chosen specifically.




Icon for the Sights and Sounds Flowers app features colourful rainbow flowers on a black background


Sights and Sounds: Flowers – Rainbow-coloured blooms fill the screen when activated via switch, providing a beautiful and bright visual experience. This app also includes audio and a range of switch modes.




Icon for the Sights and Sounds Cars app features brightly coloured cars in a car park


Sights and Sounds: Cars – All types of car, from sports to truck, fill an empty car park when activated by a switch. This colourful car game is ideal for children who love vehicles, and includes a range of fun noises to accompany the graphics.




Icon for the Sights and Sounds Popcorn app shows a photograph of popped-corn


Sights and Sounds: Popcorn – This delicious app features realistic popcorn graphics with fun, silly sound effects that are guaranteed to entertain!




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