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a text block (3)Shiny Learning is another one of our top ten websites for online switch activities and it specialises in simple multi-accessible games. The switch games available through Shiny Learning are fun, bright and offer users a range of ways of access including through switches, touch screens and regular keyboard use.

Introduction to Shiny Learning Switch Games

Shiny Learning switch games are part of a product which can be purchased but they also have a small range of free games and demos, giving everybody the opportunity to try the games before buying. The range of demo and free games is currently at 12 and includes a range of what Shiny Learning offers in their larger package, which you can read more about in their price list.

Shiny Learning is also committed to making their games as accessible as possible through different operating systems so have launched a number of games in app for including Make a Noise and Balloon Bang, which can be found for Android and Apple devices.

Key Features

Crazy Chicken switch games

Crazy Chicken switch game

Shiny Learning offers 12 games for all users without purchase. These games can be enjoyed using a switch, a mouse, a keyboard or a touchscreen. They can also be played using an interactive whiteboard. Like many of the other switch games and activities featured in our series of online switch activities posts, they are a way of learning about cause and effect as well as having fun.

Many of the games involve making a choice through single clicks or timing your click to win a game, as in the Crazy Chicken game pictured where a combination of scanning and single clicks ensures the chicken drops her eggs into the basket and not onto the floor.

Balloon Bang is another of the games which involves single clicks and fun sound effects as the balloon blows up and is popped, as this video shows:

Users can also enjoy a demo video of the Mouse Click application which is available through paid versions of Shiny Learning. Mouse Click has a range of different options within and once again focuses on cause and effect at its heart.


Many elements of Shiny Learning can only be enjoyed if purchased which is not always possible for every user. In educational environments it is possible to buy different subscription levels based on the number of computers which will use the software. This can help make the product more affordable.

The games themselves are fun and entertaining and keep users engaged as well as developing important switch and computer skills.


Shiny Learning provides a great introduction to its wide range of switch games and exercises. The different themed games provide fun and entertainment as well as exercising useful motor and developmental skills.

Shiny Learning is designed for use in the classroom like many of the other sites in the list. However, it can be enjoyed from home or in any environment where a switch user is setup to play and enjoy the games available.


Switch Accessible Gaming Apps

If you are interested in switch games that can be played on tablets and phones rather than desktop computers, have a look below as we review some exciting and fun games that are fully switch accessible. These games are for children looking to move-on from preschool themes, and are aimed at children 4 years and above.

Icon for the Treasure Island app features the face of a pirate with a red beard on a brown backgroundTreasure Island

Treasure Island is designed specifically for use with a switch, and is aimed at children four years and above. This app offers children the opportunity to explore an island map, discovering hidden objects such as pirate’s treasure, parrots and even dancing skeletons! The graphics are bold and bright, and the targeting boxes are large and clear making this app ideal for children with learning difficulties and those who wish to further their switch-skills. With full audio support and fun character design, the Treasure Island app is a brilliant step-up for children wishing to move-on from preschool themed switch games.

Icon for the Space Shooter app features pixel-art alien in white, surrounded by a yellow target on a black backgroundSpace Shooter

Much like the classic arcade game Space Invaders, Space Shooter offers a high-contrast, easy to play switch compatible version of the game. This “blast from the past” provides an exciting gaming alternative to switch games with preschool-centric content, whilst also helping your child hone their targeting skills and learning about cause and effect. Space Shooter features a number of difficulty levels, including a very basic setting where aliens can be zapped with a single switch press anywhere on the screen.


Icon for the Racing Car app features a cartoon illustration of a white sports car on an orange backgroundRacing Cars

Racing Cars is a simple yet fun-filled racing game that has been especially designed for use with a switch. Let your child choose from one of three cars, and then pit them against two other opponents to provide an exciting game experience! The Racing Cars app features bold and clear graphics on a black background, making it ideal for those with visual impairments, and the simplified switch control and large targets allow children of all skill levels to play.

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