Priory Woods School Switch Videos

Priory Woods School Switch VideosPriory Woods School and Art College is a community special school in Middlesbrough. They provide educational support and provisions for pupils with severe learning difficulties and those who have profound and multiple needs.

Their range of switch videos is extremely popular for use within their own classrooms but as an open resource parents and teachers of children around the world can enjoy the switch accessible videos provided by the school. It’s a great resource for entertainment and education, with a wide range of different videos available.

Introduction to Priory Woods School Switch Videos

Priory Woods School switch videos are designed to be used with a single switch but can also be accessed via touchscreen. As more individuals have started to use touchscreens there has been a need to update the technology available to different users. However, there are users who still prefer to use switches or find it easier to do so.

The range of videos include classic nursery rhymes, popular songs, TV shows and films.

Key Features

Kylie Minogue Switch Videos

Kylie Minogue Switch Video

There are 61 different videos in the range available through Priory Woods School and they come in a range of different styles. Many are simple cartoon versions of nursery rhymes such as There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly whilst others use photographs of pop singers such as Kylie Minogue and TV shows including Balamory.

There are also a range of videos based on songs from movies including Billy Elliot and the Dreamworks movie Madagascar.

The team at Priory Woods have gone to great efforts to make their videos as accessible as possible. They can be viewed on the website, downloaded for Mac users or downloaded for Windows users. If there are any problems with the downloading of the videos won’t play the school will also send out CD copies of their video collection. You simply need to send them a stamped and addressed envelope as well as a blank CD.

The videos are designed to be fun and entertaining but they are also educational as they help users understand cause and effect. Some of the videos are animated whilst others are slideshows and some such as The Singing Moose and Farting Dinosaurs have a real comedy element.


Balamory Switch Videos

Balamory Switch Video

The range of resources available via Priory Woods is limited to videos and slideshows but they are completely accessible through a range of methods. Switches of many different types can be used to activate the videos from simple plate switches to blow switches or others which allow for an action to be completed with a single movement.


Priory Woods Switch Videos are a great resource and can provide hours of entertainment. The range of different videos includes so many different artists, styles and stories that there is bound to be something for almost every type of user.

The range of videos can be accessed in many different ways, using different types of switch or touchscreen, making them even more user friendly and accessible.

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Fun Music-Based Switch Apps

If your child is especially motivated by music, you may be interested in these music-related switch apps we have found for iPad. The first two apps are switch compatible and designed for use with children who have special educational needs – and all are guaranteed to entertain young music fans!

Icon for RadSounds app shows a cartoon drawing of a man with long hair flying upwards playing a yellow guitar, with the words "RadSounds" above.RadSounds

RadSounds is a simple cause and effect game that will really appeal to children who love music. RadSounds includes a library of tracks to choose from, however, you can also use MP3s from your personal library or even sing directly into the iPad. Once a track has been chosen, there are two switch modes: Momentary Mode enables audio to be played only when the switch is held-down, and Timed Mode where music will play for a number of seconds after the switch has been pressed, after-which it will stop until activated again. Once music is activated via switch, the user will be entertained with images of people dancing to accompany the sound. The RadSounds app has quite a dated appearance, however if your child loves music, it is possible that the entertainment value will overcome the dated graphics!

Icon for the Five Little Rock Stars app shows a yellow silhouette of a man with long hair playing a guitar on a black background.Five Little Rock Stars

Five Little Rock Stars app combines musical fun with helping children to learn counting to five. This app features bright and modern graphics and is designed especially for use with a switch. The main activity is to promote understanding of cause and effect by using the switch to prompt the next section of song and animation, whilst also learning about the numbers 1 – 5. Once your child has progressed through the 5 Little Rock Stars game, there are a selection of simple number activities that include full and clear audio support, to further promote understanding of the numbers 1-5.


Icon for the Bebot app is the letter B surrounded by concentric circles in green and redBebot – Robot Synth

Bebot Robot Synth is a modern and fresh music app which is not specifically switch accessible, however is easy to play using touch screen if your child is comfortable doing so. We’ve included it in this section because it has been recommended by the Drake Music Project as one of their top iPad music-making apps, and we think it looks like brilliant fun for young music fans. Bebot is a charming little robot in a tuxedo, who can be programmed with a whole multitude of synth sounds. These sounds can be easily activated using the iPad’s touch screen, and children will delight in seeing Bebot sing along to produce the sounds. Bebot needs no previous experience or understanding of music and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and musical possibilities for little ones who love to make sound.

Take a look at the video below to see Bebot in action:

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