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Lego Bricks & More Review

Lego Bricks & More is one of the top ten websites for online switch activities. Here we’re taking a closer look at its benefits and capabilities for entertaining and educating switch users.

Lego Bricks & More is accessible through the Lego Creative website. Lego Bricks & More offers four separate games based upon different ranges within the physical Bricks & More construction sets. The Lego website interface is bright and vibrant and all four of the games are accessible via switches as they require the pressing of a single button. A couple of the games require a little more hand-eye coordination and the button may need to be held in and pressed but not in every instance.

Introduction to Lego Bricks & More Games

There are four Lego Bricks & More online games:

All four games require the pressing or holding of the space button when using a regular computer and the switch interface can allow for a single input switch such as a plate switch or squeeze switch.

Key Features

The key features of Lego Bricks & More are the four games to choose from, each has a unique theme and allows the user to practice slightly different skills.

In Fire Truck the name of the game is putting fires out. The player needs to be able to press and hold the button to allow the water to flow and they also need to be able to press the button at the same time as the fire truck is level with the fire.

In Princess the user is controlling the horse and by pressing their switch the horse will jump to catch a carrot. The switch only needs a simple quick click and the horse will jump. Of course timing is key in this game as you need to be sure the horse jumps at the same time a carrot is being thrown by the princess in the castle – she does throw other items too!

In Gas Station there is a need to press and hold much like the Fire Truck game. The user needs to press and hold until the car engine is full up and then the car will be able to drive off. If the tank isn’t full enough the driver will jump out a little angrily. Timing is the key feature of this game, as well as the need to be able to press and hold the switch down.

For the final game Monster Truck we have a quick video. It’s the simplest of the lot as it simply involves a simple switch press. The aim of the game is to keep the truck out of the way of road blocks and as you press the switch it moves from lane to lane.  Here’s the video showing exactly how it works:



The limitations of Bricks & More are mainly that there are just four main games to play. They’re all great fun but it might be interesting to add a couple more. There is also a Bricks & More 4+ App which can be used with a range of devices including iPads and Android powered devices. This could be a good choice for someone who uses a tablet as well as their switch powered computer.

Bricks & More

Bricks & More Game Interface


Lego Bricks & More is fun and has a strong recognisable brand image which many users will be familiar with and enjoy. The games are simple but also involve the need to combine hand eye coordination skills with timing skills. The games lend themselves very well to switch users as they require the pressing and holding of a single button once setup.


Educational Activity Suite Apps – Part 2

In addition to the fantastic online switch activities we are covering in our Top Ten list, we have also picked-out some of the best touch screen apps that are switch compatible. In part two we review Chooseit! Numeracy – an expansive educational suite app that is switch-accessible and designed especially for SEN.

Chooseit! Numeracy

Icon for Chooseit! Numeracy app - the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in primary colours, on a green backgroundChooseit! Numeracy is an award winning educational suite, that centres on learning about maths. It features over 230 activities, which incorporate over 3000 pages of simple and educational multiple choice activities.

Designed with accessibility and special educational needs in mind, the Chooseit! Numeracy app can be navigated using both touch screen and switch, and its concise and consistent layout ensures children can concentrate easily without distraction. The clutter-free design of the Chooseit! Numeracy app is strengthened by the use of straight-forward, clear language, full audio support and also allows parents to monitor progress and performance via a report section.

The app covers all major areas of mathematics, with each section boasting graded activities – allowing your child to progress on to the next level at a rate they feel comfortable with.

The sections covered in the Chooseit! Numeracy app are as follows:

Image shows a screen shot of the Chooseit! Numeracy app - multiple coloured activity boxes on a black background

Chooseit! Numeracy is a fully-accessible, switch compatible educational suite ideal for little learners.

Foundation Shape, Space and Measure – 25 basic activities that promote an understanding of shapes, dimensions, opposites, positioning and time.

Key Stage 1 Shape, Space and Measure – this section includes 21 activities that expand-upon the basics of foundation stage, and includes counting sides, weight, length, capacity and general geometry.

Early Number – here you are presented with 32 activities that focus on the numbers 1 to 3.

Number 0 to 5 and 5 to 10 – 44 separate activities that are split into two sections, concentrating on quantity, rote counting, counting back, numeral recognition and matching numbers.

Number 0 to 100 – this section starts to prepare children for multiplication, covering more than and less than, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, along with simple doubling of numbers.

Money – a very useful section that helps children understand currency and its uses, includes enhanced photographs of coins that are accessible for visually impaired children.

Time – 24 activities to aid children in learning about time, counting segments of time and also dates. Children can learn using either an analogue or digital clock-face.


If you have found our review of the Chooseit! Numeracy app helpful, have a look at our other Chooseit! educational suite reviews available – Chooseit! Science is reviewed as part of our SEN Switcher post, and the Chooseit! Literacy app is reviewed on our Ginger Tiger post.

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