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HelpKidzLearn switch activitiesHelpKidzLearn is one of the biggest online resources for switch activities. The range is expansive and covers a number of different types of activity as well as a range of different input methods. HelpKidzLearn can be used for simple cause and effect exercises or it can be used for two switch application with additional timing and scanning and other skills.

HelpKidzLearn is a paid subscription and it costs £39 per year for a single user with additional prices for more users or a site subscription. It is also possible to enjoy a 10 activity free user subscription. This is a good way of trying it out before committing to purchase.

Introduction to HelpKidzLearn Switch Activities

HelpKidzLearn is a huge collection of software to play online. It is designed for young children and people with learning disabilities. The activities and games are switch accessible and can be used with a wide range of different switches.

HelpKidzLearn is part of the Inclusive Technology Ltd group, a company which produces a wide range of hardware and software for the assistive technology and education market. This means that there are many hardware options including the HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch which are designed with the activities on this site in mind. These items aren’t a prerequisite but they are designed to create the best possible user experience, ensuring full accessibility to the games.

This webinar offers an in depth look at HelpKidzLearn:

Key Features

HelpKidzLearn requires the user to login and then they can enjoy a wide range of different switch activities and games. The current collection has over 87 titles and new ones are constantly being developed to provide special education environments with an invaluable tool. HelpKidzLearn is split into five broad sections.

Rockets Switch Activities

Rockets switch game

Early Years

Early learning activities such as Rockets and Mystery Egg. Each game is bright and vibrant and the majority are simple cause and effect programmes which help develop basic keyboard or switch skills. Touchscreen users can also benefit from these games.


Games is the most popular section of the site and offers hours of fun and entertainment. Games include BrickOut, Space Shooter and Memory Pairs and can once again be accessed via switch and touchscreen, with some games more advanced with the need for two switches, scanning and timing.


The stories section of the website brings together a range of classic stories and songs. Activities include counting songs and encourage learners to join in and count along. They can be activated with a simple switch click.


This section is great for those with a bit of artistic flair. Build sandcastles, play with train tracks or simply practice Early Mouse Movements. There are also music based games.

Find Out

This section of the HelpKidzLearn website is all about exploration and learning. Explore a wide range of things from facial expressions to keyboard skills and other concepts from telling the time to shopping lists. Here’s the chance to enjoy simple education games including Load the Truck (scanning with one to two switches) and Talking Parrot (speaking and listening skills).


HelpKidzLearn offers something for users with different skills who utilise different input devices. There are apps available as well as the desktop-based use and all the activities available are switch accessible. There is a lot of hardware which can be bought to use with HelpKidzLearn but none of it is necessary if you already have your switch, interface and mount in place.


HelpKidzLearn is a must have for switch users who want to enjoy the widest possible range of educational and entertaining games. The expansive range of switch activities available offer different levels of complexity, allowing for wider inclusivity and accessibility.

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HelpKidzLearn Apps

In addition to the HelpKidzLearn range of computer-based switch games, they also offer a number of fun and educational apps for both Apple and Android.

Image shows a black iPad with a screenshot of "Sensory Room" app - a blonde girl in a wheelchair surrounded by colourful disco lightsSensory Room

Sensory Room is a fun and free app that features an imaginary sensory room full of lots of interesting images to touch and interact with. Lots of cause and effect features allow your child to experiment with bubble tubes and disco lights, just like a real sensory room!



Image shows a black iPad with a screenshot of "Touch to Jump" app - a girl in a yellow dress plays the flute in a dark room with a spotlight to her rightTouch to Jump

Touch to Jump is a simple cause and effect game, where your child must touch the musician to make them move towards the spotlight – and once they do, they will be entertained by a whole host of music and colours that are guaranteed to delight!



Image shows 4 black iPads, each with a swirling, high contrast patternBig Bang Patterns

This app has been developed in conjunction with specialist visual impairment teachers, and each activity has been especially created for children with low vision and complex educational needs. Big Bang Patterns is a feast of visuals and music, that will really appeal to your child’s senses!





Image shows three black iPads, with high contrast illustrations of a smiling sunshine, a dog and a girl jumpingBig Bang Pictures

Much like the Big Bang Patterns app, however Big Bang Pictures features clear, high contrast images of familiar objects, animals and activities with accompanying sound effects. Allows you to choose from a number of background and foreground colours, and is an ideal tool for assessment of picture recognition.

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