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Ginger Tiger switch gamesGinger Tiger online is one of the biggest provider’s switch accessible games. Ginger Tiger can be accessed on a wide range of platforms furthering the inclusive nature of the games and activities available. It is a subscription based service but users can enjoy 14 days free and it is also possible to play a range of demo games.

Introduction to Ginger Tiger Switch Games

Ginger Tiger is a well-developed online learning environment for special needs users. They cater for a wide range of technologies ensuring all their games can be enjoyed by switch users as well as those who use EyeGaze devices and touchscreens.

Ginger Tiger is always growing and offering new games to add more to their range. This video is a quick advertisement they put together to show off what their site can do:

Key Features

Ginger Tiger is a well organised online switch games provider which separates its games into different categories. The categories are as follows:

Cause and Effect Switch Games

Cause & Effect Games Interface

Cause and Effect

Simple games which help learners understand the simple connection between cause and effect. The games are bright and exciting and have many different themes from Puzzle to Touch & Go and Musical Instruments.

There are demos available for each game section. From the Cause and Effect section, we suggest trying out People Puzzle and Box.

Basic Skills

As the name would suggest the basic skills section is about helping learners understand some basic concepts. These include colours, matching and odd one out. Once again the games are bright and vibrant with a mixture of cartoon and photo based options.

From the Basic Skills section, why not have a quick go on the demos of the Dress Up and Match games.


The Math section of the website can be used by older learners who are looking to expand their numerical skills. The variety includes bright graphics once more such as animals and sports and there are maths games which involve adding and subtracting, memorising series of numbers and basic counting.

Two maths demos from the section that make counting and addition fun are Animals and Number Lines.

Language Arts

The language arts section is designed for more expression and creativity. There is the chance to practice basic spelling, enjoy Alphabet Flowers and learning letters. There is also the opportunity to play the My Story game where different items can be placed on a landscape and simple works of art can be created.

Speech and Language

Speech and language games are designed to encourage conversation, verbalisation and interaction. Games such as Sounds are based on listening skills and choosing a graphic based on what you hear.

There are a large number of games under each heading so there’s no possibility of getting bored. All of the games can be played with switches and some involve the need to utilise scanning and timing techniques too.


Ginger Tiger is a paid subscription software suite. You can enjoy a maximum of 14 days free access to the full service and then you have to pay. The full service costs £30 per year for a single use license with a single logon or £186 per year for a site license, to be used in a school or similar environment with multiple logons.

The benefits of the paid versions outweigh the limitations as new games are made available every month and there is a high level of technical customer support.


Ginger Tiger is so far reaching that it offers something to suit the needs of almost every type of user. It has an inclusive atmosphere and invites users of all abilities and experiences to try out the games available.

This is the last of our The Top Ten Websites for Switch Activities posts, we hope the series has been informative and useful for you and you have plenty more resources to try.


Educational Activity Suite Apps – Part 3

In our previous Top Ten posts, we have additionally covered the Chooseit! range of educational suites, including Numeracy and Science. Below we review the Chooseit! Literacy educational suite app – a high-quality, expansive app that has been specifically designed for SEN and children with disabilities.

Chooseit! Literacy

icon for Chooseit! Literacy app shows the letters a, b and c in primary colours, on a gradient background of orange and magentaThe Chooseit! Literacy app is an educational suite that features 250 activities and 5000 multiple choice pages that are all switch compatible, enabling your child to access learning about language via either touch screen or switch.

Designed with SEN in mind, each app from the Chooseit! range has been created in cooperation with special needs teachers, and is brimming with inclusive and accessible features which include clear and concise wording, uncluttered navigation and full audio support. All sections of the Literacy app are graded, allowing children to progress at a rate they feel comfortable with.


The Chooseit! Literacy app features the following sections:

Image of screen shot of Literacy app - text reads "starts with dr" and below three images include a duck, a hand drawing and a dart board

Chooseit! Literacy app is an award-winning educational suite that is switch accessible.

Listening Skills – Helps children to practise identifying familiar everyday sounds, instruments, instructions and more.

Initial Sounds – Provides activities based-around the letters of the alphabet, when both spoken individually and at the beginning of words.

Initial Letters – This section concentrates on recognition of written letters of the alphabet.

Initial Blends: Sounds – An activity set that covers the 26 most common initial consonant blends – includes activities for ch, sh, th, qu and tr.

Initial Blends: Letters – This section covers the visual/written recognition of the most common blends.

Tricky High Frequency Words – A section of over 600 multiple-choice activities that help children learn about the most common yet particularly tricky-t0-read and spell words.

Alphabet – This section helps children move-on from phonics use, and provides 40 activities that focus on learning the names of the letters of the alphabet. It also includes upper and lowercase letters and the BSL (British Sign Language) alphabet.

Everyday Words – A useful section of 550 activity pages that enables children to practise hearing, recognising, matching, reading and spelling many everyday words related to colours, numbers, days and seasons.

To download the Chooseit! Literacy app from the iTunes store please click here. Also available in the fantastic Chooseit! range of educational apps are Chooseit! Science and Chooseit! Numeracy.

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